Premium Maca Root Powder

Our #1 Selling product is our Organic Premium Maca Root Powder. We have both a Raw and Gelatinized.

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Premium Maca Root Chips

Have you ever tried your hand at making extracts? With our Maca Root Chips you can try it out yourself. Follow our simple guide to make extracts

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Chanca Piedra Leaf

Our 2nd highest selling product is Chanca Piedra. Know as the Stone Breaker in South America, this wonderful herb fight kidney and calcium deposits in the human body.

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Since 1993

Medicinals S.A

How is our company different from other manufactures in South America? We strive to pay fair wages to all of our farmers and make sure that everyone gets their fair share. We are not overcharging you the buyer.

We protect our environment for harm by not over producing or putting harmful products into our soil. We follow all regulation in South America. If we have to harvest a plant we make sure to plant a new one.

We Make sure that all of our products follow strict procedures so that we may assure everyone that they are getting the highest quality product around.

Other companies take thirty or more days to get product to your destination. We have warehouse in North America Allowing for quicker delivery so that your production will never skip a beat.



Why Wait to Purchase

Where other company have only one warehouse, we at Medicinales S.A has a few different warehouse so you are not waiting months to receive your product.

We are Certified Organic, Kosher and our Gluten Free.